First Steps Edit

Registering: Simply click the "register" button at the login page and fill in the form to make an account.

Playing the game: Once registered, you will be taken to the home page where you can change your avatar, view messages, or start the game, among other things. Your sub is navigated using the mouse, with the mouse wheel controlling the depth of your ship.

Server Selection Edit

When you log in, you will be presented with a server select screen. Servers with less amounts of people registered to them will have "Recommended" by their names. Pay no attention to this, join whatever server you like. (NOTE: you can have multiple accounts on multiple servers, but each account is counted as a differant person and you can't share an account between servers.)

Interface Edit

Fire weapons! Click an enemy to target it, and press 1 to fire your main weapon, the sonic cannon.

Collecting flotsam Simply click a piece of debris floating in the water and your sub will automatically navigate over to it and pick it up.

Other ship systems Once you reach level 6, you will be able to use some of your sub's other features, such as Depth Charges and Mines. Also at level 6, you become able to attack other players, and vice versa.

Cel is the most common currency in Deepolis and is found in pretty much everything. You can earn Cel by collecting flotsam and selling it at a station, doing trade runs, and killing Fish.

Helix is a rarer form of currency, and acts as the "elite" currency of Deepolis. It's used to purchase the very best items, including elite subs. It's mainly found by doing quests or simply buying it. Small amounts can also drop from fish.