What is Deepolis? Edit

Deepolis is a 2D massivlely-multiplayer game set after a nuclear war in the distant future.

In the game, you take the controls of your own SUBMARINE. You must kill FISH to level up and collect FLOTSAM or run TRADE to get money, known as CEL.

This game features a large map with many STATIONS, each with it's own trade list and it's own dangers.

TEAM PLAY is encouraged by joining a CLAN, where you can use Teamspeak 3, Skype, xFire, or the in-game clan chat to keep in touch with your clan mates.

Features Edit

  • Very large player base with lots of player to player interaction, both on the chat and on the water.
  • Expansive game universe where you can upgrade your ship, travel to new stations, and fight enemies.
  • Intelligent AI system.
  • Join or found a clan and rule the water.
  • Amazing graphics for a 2D game, with good special effects.

Requirements Edit

  • Adobe Flash Player 10.2 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox (not requred, but the game runs best with this browser)