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The Jafnhar are the descendants of survivors from the pump and pipeline stations of North Siberia. They lived in desert domes in a Middle Eastern city before being forced to move below water after the Earth's temperature began to rage out of control as a result of the destroyed atmosphere from the Final Continental War. On their journey to the bottom of the ocean, Russian and Japanese crews from nuclear-powered submarines joined the Jafnhar and shared their secrets with them, which explains the source of their technical knowledge today. The Jafnhar are tightly organized and all aspects of their lives are influenced by the military. Even members of the Jafnhar who were expelled due to their lack of discipline can't shake off these old habits. The Nauts jokingly call the Jafnhars' aggressive nature a mixture of oil and Gothic. Nuclear technology and oil production were the reasons for the Jafnhar to seek out deep-sea trenches as their preferred area of settlement. Their stations are located deep in the dark reaches of the ocean and can be spotted miles away by the red lights of the guard towers, which act as beacons shining brightly through the murky abyss.

The Jafnhar follow three ideologies which are highly contradictive. Which one of these three groups a Jafnhar belongs to is more important to them than being a Jafnhar themselves. Conversational exchange with a Janhfar is only possible if one is completely sure which group they belong to and one doesn't make any mistakes while communicating with them. The groups differ only slightly in appearance and uniform, so that mistakes in identification are quite commonplace. This can have deadly consequences for a simple slip of the tongue.

Jafnhar technicians began early with their endeavors to make the Earth's surface inhabitable again and while doing so, encountered resistance from the Scion which has since developed into a bitter, never-ending war.

Jaf Ships Edit

Beginner ships

Ragnarok X

"Good" ships


X-Class ships

Tiamat X
Ifrit X
Tydeus X

Elite ships

Diablo SX