The Naskaar are the 4th faction of Deepolis. They're entirely NPC, not playable by normal players. In an event, the Game Admins sometimes come on the water in a Naskaar ship, setting normal players the task of destroying them.

General Info Edit

The Naskaar are a faction of scientists who live deep in the depths of the ocean. They occaisonally make appearances on the water in the form of an "Invasion", where you have to defend a Station (sometimes multiple stations) from their attacks. They can also be fought by way of a Naskaar Gate, all 3 of which can be found in the vicinity of Serendo and Kalarahm. These gates can be activated by finding Naskaar Relics in the water and scanning them for Gate Pieces in your lab.


An example of Zade, one of the Gates close to Kalarahm.