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The Nauts descend from the survivors of the international research communities in the Arctic and Antarctic. They have no central system of government, but are a loosely organized coalition of anarchists such as merchants, soldiers and researchers. The Nauts took most of their know-how from the scientists of the Earth's surface and have been able to hone these valuable skills. Other confederations highly treasure the knowledge of the Nauts and their manufactured goods. After the Final Continental War, they were able to make their most notable achievements in nanotechnology and their subaqueous survival is based mainly on this skill. Among the Nauts, there are agnostics and religious individuals but very few atheists, because the scientific and pragmatic spirit of their culture is so consciously aware of its limitations. Their religions, like the Nauts themselves, are an assimilation of the different religious streams from the old world. Perhaps it is due to this absence of government that dogmatic conflicts are few and far between in their society.

Many of the Nauts are indifferent as to whether their lives end under the water or if humanity ever succeeds in colonizing the Earth's surface again. At the moment, survival is of the utmost importance for the Nauts at a time when they are being forced to surrender their last colony on land and seek refuge at the bottom of the ocean. Many of them are new to underwater warfare. The Naut community helps newbies to adjust to their new deep-sea surroundings.

Naut Ships Edit

Beginner ships

Poseidon X

"Good" ships


X-Class ships

Patron X
Omikron X
Manticore X

Elite ships

Warmaran SX