This wiki has rules that editors of every rank must follow:

  • Do not vandalize pages/add any content that does not concern Deepolis (unless on your user page).
  • Try to use ~~~~ to sign all posts on talk pages.
  • We ask that you use templates whenever possible, this not only saves page space, it makes the page look nicer.
  • Treat others as you would wish to be treated.
  • All usernames should NOT contain any offensive meaning to them. (For instance, foul language, Racism, sexual content, etc.)
  • Only one account is allowed on this Wiki.
  • Impersonating an admin is not allowed. (Saying you're an admin, making an account that resembles an admin's name, etc.)
  • Account sharing/buying/selling is forbidden.
  • Edit Bots and/or third-party programs are not allowed, nor will they be used here.
  • Personal pictures are only allowed in one's own account page and discussion page. Also, these pictures should not include any type of offensive meaning to it.
  • Using any language besides besides the language the page is in (excluding HTML and WikiScript) is strictly forbidden on This Wiki. Any page that is blank is to be considered to be in the language of the title.